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The DRIP (Diamond/Ring Infield Pen) of the  DROP (Diamond/Ring Outfield Pen)

A Dichoto-Tetra-Metric  Relationship
A wrestling-ian Aspect of the Rein of the DRIP in the DROP on the DREGS

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This page is an extrapolation of the Conjugation of DRIGS (DRIGS) page. The components of the DRIP model encompass at least twice as many factors than the two dimensional configuration of Power's playing field, as presented in the DREGS model.

Take the DRIP. To begin with, it's a cube. You could think that the Earth is inside the DRIP in a metaphoric sense. The actions that are played out here are governed by how the DRIP is managed. To the degree that the DRIP functions competently, the level of of life here possess a desirable quality. To the degree that the DRIP is managed incorrectly, the quality of life here becomes less tolerable.

As the outer, contains the inner, so the DROP contains the DRIP. If you encased the DRIP in another layer of cubes, completely surrounding it, with a cube at each of the DRIP's corners (8 in all), a cube covering each of the DRIP's faces (6 in all), and a cube over each of the DRIP's edges (12 in all), you will have a total of 26 cubes composing the DROP, surrounding the single cube of the DRIP

If you've ever taken apart a Rubik's Cube extensively, you might have observed that from the outside it could be viewed as if it were a cube composed of 26 outer cubes surrounding one central cube. That is not exactly the way that it is, but it could be imagined to be configured that way. That is the way that the DRIP of the DROP model is configured.

You could think of the DRIP as "The Power House," in the middle of the DROP; where the outer cubes of the DROP are the pure versions of the features of the DRIP that they come in contact with.

That brings us to entailing the features that comprise the DRIP.

  1. The DRIP is a cube.

  2. A cube, having eight corners gives to the DRIP eight primary features.

  3. Those eight features are composed of dichotomies of four concepts.

  4. The four concepts that compose the four dichotomies of the DRIP are:

  1. Technology

  2. Humanity

  3. Economics

  4. Religion

  1. Possible relevant dichotometric relationships could be:

  • Hard vs. Soft

  • Difficult vs. Easy

  • Undesirable vs. Desirable

  • Obscurant vs. Illuminant

  • Uninformed vs. Informed

  • Right vs. wrong

  • Good vs. Bad

  • Poor vs. Rich

  • Superior vs. Subordinate

  • Affluence vs. Poverty

  • Strong vs. Weak

  • Civilized vs. Barbaric

  • Sick vs. Well

  • Sane vs. Insane

  • Honest vs. Corrupt

  • Happy vs. Sad

  • Love vs. Hate

  • Live vs. Dead

  • Heaven vs. Hell

  • Space vs. Time

  • Matter vs. Energy

  • Space/Time vs. Matter/Energy

  • Incorporeal vs. Corporeal (physical)

  • Honest vs. Criminal

  • Male vs. Female

  • Masculine vs. Feminine

  • DeMon vs. AnGel; where An=Right, De=Wrong, Gel=Good & Mon=Bad

  • AnMon vs. DeGel

  • AnMon vs. GelDe

  • MonAn vs. DeGel

  • MonAn vs. GelDe

  • AnDe vs. GelMon

  • AnDe vs. MonGel

  • DeAn vs. MonGel

  • DeAn vs. GelMon

  • Cause vs. Effect     

  1. In the DRIP configuration, dichotometric relationships are oriented to one another such that each pole of the a dichotomy is one corner (vertex) of reciprocally oriented tetrahedrons. The vertices (corners) of the two reciprocally related tetrahedrons are interlaced and coincidental with the corners of the cube such that the axes of the dichotomies, so formed, run through the center of the cube, which is also the center of either of the two reciprocally related tetrahedrons.

  2. The DRIP configuration, is a dichotomization of the DREGS configuration. It took the act of increasing the configuration of usable space from being the area upon a surface to being the volume of a contained region of space.     

  3. Home plate of the DREGS is the home axis of the DRIP, which extends between the poles any of the above named dichotomies, depending upon what relationships one trying to study.

  4. Each of the remaining bases are aligned in a like manner.

  5. The base lines of the  zigzag around the cube along the edges of the tetrahedrons

  6. The edges of the two tetrahedrons form "Xs" on the faces of the cube, which form the borders of the cubic region that is the DRIP.

  7. Again, you can think of the DRIP as containing Earth, metaphorically speaking.

The reason for such a model is to suggest the connectedness between the factions of power, as they manifest in ones daily life, so that one might be better prepared to correctly ascertain what is occurring while one can yet do something about it.



The DRIPInteraction of the Axes—Phenomena Correlation Table*

Ball Diamond
Base Name
Home (Start)
Home (Finish)
Primary Spheres of Human Activity
Islamic Geo-Alignment of Wrestling Ring Posts
Christian Geo-Alignment of Wrestling Ring Posts
Scientologic  concepts of activities associated with each axes 
Be (According to René Descartes, "Think.")
Do (act)
Have (own)
Exchange (trade, buy/sell)
Be (According to René Descartes, "Think.")
Commonly accepted labels for concepts of activities performed by runners at each base
Planfigure out what to do
Workaffect a desirable change
Ownaccept responsibility for one's thoughts, actions, possessions and resultant situation
Tradeexchange what one has for what one needs to continue to exist, money merely being a means for the accomplishment of this activity
Planfigure out what to do
4 Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Actions accomplished at each base/post
Controling Law
Civil (Law of Voucher)
Governing Hierarchy
The suffix -ist has been inserted into each term to denote the idea that the hierarchies are each composed of the believers of each of those particular modes of the conveyance of power over and to the general constituentthe individual —who is a subordinate of relevant phenomena from all four of the hierarchies', together and separately.
(The governing system that a technology based DREGS would evoke would have to contain the socialist doctrine: "From Each according to ability. To each according to need," or unwieldy imbalance would be produced. 
Sociocracy (Democracy)

is basically run communistically in that the ruler/s own that which owns material. Thus there is one body of material that is owned by the owning entity/s, which is/are generally called, god/s, God/s, or as it,they seem/s to be in the DRIP, "GOD".
Alignment of The Four Ministries of Oceana from George Orwell's book, 1984, as delineated in one powerful, perfectly concise sentence on page 178, or the second to last page of the ninth chapter, of that work, with the Tetraheteromodocratic phenomena of, "The DREGS."
Interesting side note: Though I thought that I should read 1984 for a long while and am very glad that I finally did, I didn't actually get to until 2006a year after first composing, "The DREGS," paradigm (model).
Ministry of Truth
The Truth should be what governs all, which is what, at least theologically oriented people believe that the entity known as, "God," does (govern all).
Ministry of Plenty
How do you make more, or at least enough? That is the the province of the Scientist plus the Engineer teamTechnology.
 Ministry of Love
All of the phenomena involved with love has something to do with people and their relationships with one another.
Ministry of Peace
For peace to exist, the individuals involved need to feel that they are being dealt with fairly, which is the primary reason for the invention, continued manufacture and use of money.
Ministry of Truth
The Truth should be what governs all, which is what, at least theologically oriented people believe that the entity known as, "God," does (govern all).
A Biblical Correlation:
Proverbs 30: 24-28, "Four Exceedingly... Wise Things"
Coney (rabbit)
Which Scientologic
"Dynamic of Existence'"
  Interaction Could be Seen as  Generating  Which Sphere's Activity, Primarily
Between 7'th and 8'th

Between 5'th and 6'th
Between 2'nd and 3'rd
Between 1'st and 4'th2  
Between 7'th and 8'th
Subject Headings
Religion and Religious
Sciences, Engineering
and Math
Humanities, Writing,
Literature, Language,
Art, Music and History
Economics and Business
Religion and Religious
Primary Vital Products
Primary Items of
Loyalties and Incorporeal
Goods and Services
Goods and Services
Emotional Goods and
Loyalties and Incorporeal
Goods and Services
"Y," Correlation
Scientific Correlation
Possible Genetic Inclinations
Native American
Native American
Representative Object
of Each Particular
Sphere of Human Activity
Possible Causality
Loop's Designations
A Possible Alignment of the Four Primary Features of Music
A Possible Alignment of Card Suits Plus a Little Reasoning Involved in this Selection of Categories
Spades: Power; The default trump suit.
Diamonds: Symmetric physical structure; Lowest power; The Zen Feathers of the deck.
Hearts: Love, what players need to tolerate each other enough to continue the game with each other.
Clubs: Associated with death, or the transformation of states; trade offs.
Spades: Power; The default trump suit.
A Possible Alignment of the Four Types of Persuasion of Modern Rhetorical Training
Ethos: Considerations of, "The Ideal."
Logos: Common sense, practical ideation regarding functional phenomena.
Pathos: Anecdotal phenomena.
Justos: From, "Justice;" What I am calling the "The Statistics" category of, "Modern Rhetorical Training;"  Here regarding the assessment of results that have been obtained via the previous application of  Rhetorical Training to the resolution of even prior phenomena.  
Ethos: Considerations of, "The Ideal."
The Four Administrative Ministries of the Ottoman Empire7
The Palace
The Military
Culture and Religion
The Palace
A Possible Alignment of "The Elements" as They Appear in Writings of Mythology
Optimal Configuration of the DRIP's Cyber-systems'
(forms of government) 8
(In this case, the religious organization involved poses as the State, governing an egalitarian and in its eyes, possessionless mass of adherents.)
(From each according to ability, to each according to need.)
(One individual equals one vote.)
(Money talks. The most money talks the loudest.)
(In this case, the religious organization involved poses as the State, governing an egalitarian and in its eyes, possessionless mass of adherents.)
Hindu Caste Coordination9
Brahmins (Priests)
Vaisya (Skilled Labor)
Sudra (Servants)
Kshatriya (Professionals)
Brahmins (Priests)
Evilly Ordered World's (EOW's, pronounced: yeow)  Infield's Players10
POUF (Perpetuation Of Unawareness Foundation)
COUT (Coalition of Underhanded Trechery)
SPITE (Society for the Perpetuation of the Incumbent Tetraheteromodocracy's
PIMMMP (Profiteer's Implementing Manipuable Manipulative Monetary Practices)
POUF (Perpetuation Of Unawareness Foundation)
Rightly Ordered World Situation (ROWS') Infield's Players11
CARE (Continuing  Awareness of the Rightfully Emancipated)
WHAT (World's Honestly Associated Technologists)
AHUH (Association Helping to Understand, Honestly)
SURE (Society for the Ubiquitization of Rightful Economics)
CARE (Continuing  Awareness of the Rightfully Emancipated)

*The primary point of this table is to present interpretations of the observation that: there seems to be four (4) different main axes of human endeavor and that: there is some consecutive order of events that occurs among those axes that serves to manifest the continually evolving situation that a person finds their self in. This table is offered, not as an ironclad answer to everything, but rather a means to possibly ascertain what the more occluded, but still causal inter-axes activity that may be responsible for generating the evolving situation that one finds their self involved with is, so that they might more readily evaluate their situation in order to increase their odds of winning at what they are attempting to do.

  1. Knowledge of the Scientologic "Dynamics of Existence" is definitely a prerequisite for understanding this category (row). Please notify me if the link is cold, so that I can patch it up. Thank you.

    The relationship between the way L. Ron Hubbard presents the relationship of "The Dynamics of Existence" and the way that I, Philip B. Obsharsky, depict them here in "The DRIP," I explain thus: A person, as they are dealing with the axes of the DRIP, each experience the particular phenomena that comprise their personal Dynamics, as L. Ron Hubbard describes them, where the totality of phenomena that comprise "The DRIP" is that part of each person's particular "Dynamics of Existence" they contribute to the existence of the DRIP. The DRIP is the result of every entity's contribution to the DRIP's existence, whether that contribution is a cognitive one, or not. The DRIP that we play in today was the product of all of yesterday's contributions. The DRIP that some entities will find them selves playing in tomorrow will be the result of yesterday's, plus today's contributions. DRIPsian observation"Yesterday plus today equals tomorrow." I may be wrong here, but it seems to me like The Dynamics of Existence, as L. Ron Hubbard presents them are today, now, living phenomena, where The DREGS is the infrastructure that that phenomena plays out in, itself the product of the interplay of people's Dynamics of Existence.

  2. Though the numbers can be quite different, due to relatively disparate geo-economic conditions, "Money," is the phenomenon that has developed into the quantified representation of the whole Globe, which is owned by all of the living people, and is divided among individuals according to its own and the other axes' laws, so that individuals can have a means to stabilize the relationship between their self and everybody else, which is what money, in a way, represents.

  3. Adopted here because of its use in the terms, "Don't drop the ball," meaning: a part of a social activity that one is supposed to carry out and, "At the ball," meaning: an elaborate dance, which is a social activity.

  4. Adopted here because of the use of the term, "Global," as a term that represents: internationally encompassing financial matters.

  5. This is like, "Paper/Scissors/Rock," which is a game involving the facts that, A) Paper covers Rock, B) Scissors cut paper and C) Rock dulls Scissors. However this one is with four entities, instead of three. IMO, Finger/String/Yo-Yo/Domino is a more robust analysis paradigm (model) than the mono-tiered, "Domino Theory," of the 1970's, which stated that, "If Asian expansion wasn't arrested on the mainland, it would proceed to spread down through the Philippians to Australia, etc, until it engulfed the world." Finger/String/Yo-Yo/Domino theory incorporates a vertical component in the model. A Finger pulls a String that swings a Yo-Yo that knocks over a Domino that may or may not cascade into others, whose actions could proceed to stress other Fingers, Strings or Yo-Yos as they tip onto their affiliated entities.  I get the idea that String means Money from the term, "Purse Strings."


  6. There's a natural rule regarding the relationship between Fingers and Yo-Yos that can be related to the relationships of other levels of activities also. It proceeds thus: When a Yo-Yo swings a finger, that finger stops actually being a finger (the proprietor of the governing idea, information, whammy, law, principal, or whatever is, at that point, actually controling the situation). The more accurately one can determine the de facto dynamics, as opposed to alleged, or pseudo factors, here meaning, "Public Relations," or, "Hype," involved with the alignment of any activity that comprises the so analyzed situation in the DRIP, and act accordingly, the better that that person will make out regarding that situation.

  7. [re: Grolier's Encyclopedia; Ottoman Empire] The Ottoman's Ministries are aligned in the way that they are, because:

    1. The cultural aspect of religion is what would have "Culture and Religion" align more with the Humanities column than the Religion column.

    2. Since Muslim national hierarchy is oriented more Theocratically, the Palace Ministry has been placed in the Religion column.

    3. Since there is a Technologic aspect to most military phenomena, the Military Ministry was placed in the Technology column. 

NOTE ADDED 2005's November's 07'th: An interesting phenomenon is the difference between the catcher's—the theologian's—and the third baseman's—the economist's—considerations of the physical size of what the field that they are trying to deal with is called, in comparison to their own stature, by what they call it and why that might be so. Let me explain. Where the theologians view their sphere of activity as, "The World," which is large by comparison to the individual; the economists view their sphere of activity as "The Globe," which is relatively small compared to the size of the individual. This difference emphasizes the difference between the theosophist and the economist. Where the theosophist seeks a power greater than their self (God) as the remedy of their issues, the economist believes their selves to be the controling agent of their remedy (money) of their issues. I say this, because from observing this difference of terminology, I believe that the theosophist might be attempting to garner the alliance of others to solve the issues that cumulatively they consider to be The World, which is, "Greater than their selves," theoretically requiring an agent that is greater than it, even, with which to work in order to control and resolve issues in it. This perspective garners adherents that have obtained the understanding that they can be defeated and are seeking a powerful ally to help them resolve their issues. Now, the person playing third base—the economist—is either projecting the believe that they can be in the manipulator of the smaller entity—the globe—via their competent use of their assets, or because they are attempting to maintain the consideration among people that money is needed in order to maintain its value, they are projecting the idea that a monetary worker's domain is smaller than their selves, thus controllable and resolvable via their remedy, that being the monetary phenomena that their adherents (capitalists) contribute to them to help those adherents resolve their issues. This correlation points out both the similarities and differences between the two orientations of the conveyance of power through the general milieu (sentient life's environment). My particular point is that I think that the controling agents concerned are more the same, merely clothing themselves in different words in order to solve their problems via different means, than they are actually different from one another. The more major difference lies between the -ists—the believers—and the -crats—the powers that control what is believed; Theist vs. Theocrat / Economist vs. Economocrat (Plutocrat) and more neologistically (having to do with making up new words); capitalist (a person that believes in the power associated with the competent control of money) versus capitalistocrat (one that has control over people that believe in the power associated with the competent control of money).

Recommended Resolution: Exhaustively evaluate other's considerations for validity according to your own experience, thus become informed of valid data and quarantine all personally unevaluated data. Another words, don't let yourself get sold so easily. Busying yourself VETting (Verify Elicited Testimony) out what you have already purchased—intellectually prescribed to, because just because you don't know it, doesn't mean that you are not conveying lies when you tell others erroneous data that you have been exposed to and passed it along without effectively evaluating it, yourself, according to an honest view of your own personal experience in life.

  1. The position of Pitcher is at the intersection of the DRIP's four axes and represents the Players that coordinate the interactivity of the management between the four axes' hierarchies. Pitcher is the Negotiation Position of the DRIP governing (cyber) system model/mockup/paradigm.

  2. The main reason for the entrance of this row is to level out the orientation of the concept of the Hindu "Caste System," in order to promote the concept of tantamount individual value

  3. DEMON (Destructive Evil Machine Obliterating Nations) is the EOW's (Evilly Ordered World's, pronounced "Eau" as in: an expression of pain) Pitcher and HMMM (Helpers Maliciously Manipulating Money) is playing Shortstop.

  4. ANGEL (A Nice Good Everlasting Love) is the ROWS' (Rightly Ordered World Situation') Pitcher and WHO (Wise Honest Organization) is their Shortstop.     

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