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The ET Breakfast ASPECT

Where, "ET," stands for Electricity & Tea and, "ASPECT," stands for Augmentative Semisolid Propellant Energy Conversion Treatment.

The ET (Energy Transformation) Breakfast ASPECT (Augmentative Semisolid Propellant Energy Conversion Treatment) is a BID (Biophysical Improvement Diet) that targets one's metabolism for optimization. It was started after making the standard A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET. The, "ASPECT," gets one's body's yesterday's supply of nutrition to act pretty much as today's morning's total energy source by helping the body convert the fuel of that nutrition into energy more efficiently than if nothing were done to do so.

The ET Breakfast ASPECT is a pretty simple diet. For nutrition, until noon (on a normal schedule), one only consumes MHO (Minerals Held Orally) and drinks tea. Then, at noon, they eat the first meal of the day and for the rest of the day they MHO and consume as much nutritious bulk food at normal, or convenient times until returning to the sleep mode.

This activity comes from the idea that the hunters didn't get to eat until they were successful that day. This mode of nutrition coaxes the body to use up its semisolid propellant reserves and sleeping should not be an issue, because at that time one should be satiated. 

2021 SEPT 09, Update: I've been wanting to write this for the past year at least.

I eat a regular breakfast now again. I may have used up the particles that were just hanging around by not eating in the morning, then I started getting a lot hungrier in the morning, so I started eating breakfast early again.

What I think that the overarching interpretation of this experience is, is that as one works at improving something, in this case my own body's functional state for me, myself, that that item chages and as it does, one should optimize the protocol's particulars they are using to affect the improvement/s they seek.

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Children of Nutrition Mode: ET Breakfast Biomagnetic Health

(Please make sure that you are sufficiently educated in the subjects concerned, or are counseled by someone who is, while engaging in this procedure.)

"The ET Breakfast ASPECT," could be called a component of one's BID (Biophysical Improvement Diet). Biophysics are the way matter and energy interact in a living organism. The ET Breakfast is an augmentative component to any BID and specifically targets the process of: the metabolization of nutritionthe processes by which substances placed at a biont's (a living organism's) disposal are altered to conform to the requirements of that organism's perpetuation of existencefor improvement and has done so for the author quickly, easily and effectively.

The explanations of, "The ET Breakfast ASPECT." and related phenomena are accessible from the Bioelectrichealth Mnacronym Page and what is there should be a sufficient amount of information to fill you in enough to get you started on contouring your own Augmentative Semisolid Propellant to Energy Conversion Treatment, to conform to your own requirements for such an activity.

The mnemonic (memory) feature of the acronym, "ASPECT," as I consider it, can be derived by thinking of the phenomena involved with this Augmentative Semisolid Propellant Energy Conversion Treatment as affording one an, "ASPECT (the appearance to the eye, especially from a specific view [AHCDII])," of the ATM MHO/SHEEN BET.

A main point of this page is to stress that taking action can alleviate the symptoms involved and that by the means alluded to here it is now more readily possible to succeed at converting the human body's excess semisolid propellant to energy, thus freeing a person of their need to transport excessive quantities of semisolid propellant unnecessarily, thus increase their ease and possible extent of motion measurably.  

Here is the after picture of a 10+ pound conversion of semisolid propellant to energy via use of the ET Breakfast ASPECT for three weeks. 

This picture was taken on 2005's January's 05'th.

To clarify, the extent of what I've been doing for biophysical exercise for the past few months has been to keep my stretches up very well, but as for calisthenics, I've been doing only 20 sit-ups every other day for the past two weeks, starting that activity up again after over a half year lay off. I did the sit-ups in the hopes of pulling the old, "Six Pack," back together for the after picture. It's not as good as an after picture from before some pretty weird viral attacks that is located further down the page, but is still not too bad. I presently ride a bicycle about 15 miles per week and shovel snow for about 10 minutes for every inch that lands in Central New York State, here. That's it for exercise, except for when I wind up having to do something strenuous, which isn't really a problem, because I am still ingesting chicken bones to fortify my backbone's disks and doing that works excellently to achieve that goal. Side Note: My back's condition has also been greatly improved and maintained via body stretching as have many other features of my biophysical unit's skeletal structure. 

The payment that I hope that you would be willing to remit for obtaining this information, as you obtain benefits from it's use, is that you pass it along.

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